2020 – 2021
As our teams have been adjusting to remote work, we've been using virtual tools in our workshops both internal to the team and with our business partners. We've done journey mapping, evaluated our team's processes, created core values, and a StrengthFinders workshop to name a few.
developer ecosystem design process map

The outcome of one of our virtual workshops was to formalize our design process so we could work more efficiently with our business partners.

Developer Ecosystem Alignment Workshop
At the beginning of the year, our design team facilitated a workshop with our product management partners to align on our priorities and vision. For three days, we did journey mapping for key business cases, brainstormed ideas, and ultimately came out with a joint list of priorities for the year. 
trello screenshot showing design backlog of projects and their mvp features

After aligning on priorities, we brought these into Trello to track throughout the year at a granular level

Women's Executive Shadow Program (WESP)
Design-in-a-Day Workshop
I facilitated a workshop that brought together about thirty WESP volunteers with a few Adobe designers to brainstorm ways to improve the overall program experience and introduce them to design-thinking as a problem-solving method. I helped to prepare guides that talked about design-thinking methodology, and we facilitated a number of different exercises throughout the day. Many of the ideas that stemmed from this workshop made its way into the overall program.

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